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What is an Anonymous Proxy ?

Simply speaking, a proxy is a server on Internet that will relay all the traffic sent and received by your own computer.
This implies that your IP address, your browser version and your operating system name will be hidden on Internet.
Thus you are able to safely browse Internet ! Your location and personal identity will be protected. 

In which case can we use a Proxy service ?

There are many reasons to use a proxy : 
  • Protect your personal information while browsing Internet without leaving visible traces. 
  • Circumvent technical restrictions when access to some web sites is limited or forbidden.
  • Display specific multimedia content when streming is restricited to some countries.
  • Test or benchmark a web site using another "way" to access it. To check if it's working properly.
  • Change the IP address origin to be located on another continent or country for multilingual testing purpose.

HTTP Proxy Example

Use this method to effortlessly browse web sites safely ! Just connect on the home page of the web proxy and enter the destination URL in the dedicated field. This allow you to browse a web site and make all requests sent by the web proxy. 
In the example on the right you'll see the home page of proxy. 

Different kind of Proxy 

Some proxy servers are not only able to manage HTTP and HTTPS (secured) but also to redirect ports (port forwarding) or use VPN protocol. 
Google can give you a wide range of proxy servers, but here are some well-known web sites that can help you  to address specific needs with servers all around the world.

Set up your own personal Web proxy with PHProxy

If you have subscribed to a plan with an hosting company and you can publish web sites, even with free hosting plans, you can deploy you own web anonymous proxy service.
It's about a simple and small-sized PHP code (20Ko) ! You just have to place those files inside a directory (or a sub-domain, for example) of a web site. Accessing the URL it will automatically open the page you'll see en the right.
Enter the URL of the web site you want to browse anonymously and that's it. 
Little advice : Hosting companies don't like so much being used as HTTP relay ! It will among other things use some bandwidth and processing threads. So if you implement that function, just protect the folder with a password or restrict access to the page to make it private. Only for you personal use. 
Version :  0.5b2
Licence :  Freeware
Author :  Sourceforge Project

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