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Color Picker

As soon as your are working on a website design, you'll have to deal with colors. There is a lot of useful existing tools to help you managing color codes and palettes. 

Here are two examples. The first one is a local windows application and the second one is a google Chrome extension.



Indispensable to determine and pick up colors on an existing image or website... 

You can store a large number of colors and convert their value into all major coding format.

A "magnify" function at the bottom of the application window helps you to focus on the targeted pixel.

Download this tool directly below ...

Version :  4.1 (Win 7, Win XP, Vista, Win 2000)
Licence :  Freeware
Author :  ICONICO



An alternative solution exists, as Chrome extension :


Same functionalities but fully integrated inside your web browser.

Link to EyeDropper


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