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Disk Space Management

Managing huge volume of folders and files is often difficult. Between backups, multimedia files and important information to keep, we generally spend too much time and energy by organizing our file system.

There is a small utility which does not seem like much but which is terribly effective. 
Its name is SpaceMonger !

Simply select a storage drive (local or on the network) and this software is going to analyse the whole content and present the result in a graphic way. Each bloc represents a file or a folder proportionally to its size. So you can easily locate a big file or directory lost in the file system, which deserves to be purged or moved.

It has the added benefit of being very small and there is no need to install it on the system. Thus you can launch it directly from an USB key or run it under WinPE, for example. 


This version of the software is not the latest one, but it's the free version that do not requiere any local installation process. Therefore more practical.
Version :  1.4 (Win 7, Win XP, Vista, Win 2000)
Licence :  Freeware
Author :  Sean Werkema

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