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Protection of email addresses

Many indexing robots or automated scripts are crawling Internet websites seeking for email addresses with the aim of finding new victims of massive spam or phishing campaigns !

Email adresses must be imperatively hidden or cloaked. It is possible to cloak or transform the "clear text" email address into something not understandable by bots or scripts. It's very easy to cipher a clear text with a simple code and avoid bots recognizing typical email address format like "name"+"@"+"domain"+".com" !

There are two main alternatives : 
- Use a JavaScript code that will dynamically "build" the email address to make it humanly readable on the generated web page in the browser. But in the source page, it will looks like some lines of a JavaScript program.
- Obscure the email address by replacing each character or sign by its corresponding HTML code, for example. As bots are looking for @ character, if you replace it by its code, it will not be recognized. So you'll just obtain a series of numbers instead of you email address in the source page, but it will be displayed on the screen with the right character set.

Of course, you do not need to do it manualy ! I propose two solutions : Installing a (free) local software on your computer or using an online web-based tool.
If your are using a CMS (content management software) like Joomla or Wordpress to publish web pages on Internet, this cloaking feature is generally integrated as a plug-in. You just have to enable it.

1 - Local Software : Email Cloaker for Web 1.22

You will effortlessly install and use this software. Once started you just have to enter the email address to cloak and choose one of the three proposed method. I suggest you to try either HTML or Javascript.  
Simply click on "Generate" and you'll get the code to insert in your HTML page. Nothing will change for your visitors ! Email address will be displayed the same way on the screen, but this address will be hidden in the source code. 

Here is some examples of "encoded" email addresses with the tool : 

Version :  1.22 (Win 7, Win XP, Vista, 2000, Me, 98, 95)
Licence :  Freeware
Author :  XInbox

2 - On-line Cloaking Tools

Anti-Spam email Cloaking : Enter email address, it generate the code.

PHP Hide & XHTML Generator : How-to use the PHP hide_email() function to do it yourself in your code + XHTML generator that obscurify email address you enter in the field.

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