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There is an easy way to manage file system on a remote server : Using a PHP written file manager.
You'll find plenty of scripts on Internet that perform this function, but i want to introduce a simple and reliable program that offers many options.

This PHP appliication is PhpFileManager !

Its main advantage : This code is available as a single PHP file : index.php
You just have to copy this file somewhere on your website in a specific folder, dedicated to the file management function or in your root directory with a different name.

The interface is clear and comprehensive as you can see by clicking the image below. You'll find all useful features to manage your files in the most efficient way. 

Main Features :

- Navigation pane on the left
- Copy / Move / Delete / Rename / View / Chmod
- Multiple Uploads
- Server information visualization
- Multilingual support
- Compressed format support (tar, zip, bzip & gzip)
- Multiple File / Folder selection
- Shell / command lines execution
- Shell terminal emulation
- Password protect the application
attention Security : Pay attention to the use of this on-line tool !!!
Indeed, this script allow anyone connected to the application to view or modify everything in the filesystem and by-pass all internal protections of the web application you are hosting.
Here are some important tips you should consider :
- Always enable the password protection of PHPFileManager
- Place this file on-line ONLY if you need it
- If you need this file on a permanent basis, place it in a restricted access folder
- If possible, apply an IP restriction on well known IP addresses that are authorized
- NEVER create HTML HREF links to this file, otherwise it will be indexed

Version :  0.9.3 
Licence :  Freeware
Author :  Fabricio Seger Kolling

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