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Reverse Image Search

The Google search engine allows you to search through indexed images to seek for similar image. However results are quite limited. you'll be able to find identical images, with different size or with small differences.
There is a dedicated search engine to make reverse search on images. This effective tool is TinEye ! With that application you'll find images that have been trimmed, re-sized, colorized, with major changes of integrated as a part of another image. This is really powerful.

Reversed Image Search benefits

  • To know how many websites are using a specific image
  • To determine if one of your "creations" is used on other websites without your permission
  • To look for image variations in terms of size or colors
  • To find an improved quality of an image you what to use 

How works ?

The concept is quite simple. As soon as you connect to the homepage you can :
  • Upload a file from you computer
  • Give a full URL of an existing file on Internet
  • Drag and drop an image on TinEye web page
Immediately, you'll get the number of results, a preview of related images and a link to the website that is hosting this file.
You can of course sort results to find images that are similar or those who are significantly different from the original one.
TinEye r

Some examples

Just click on images below, you will be able to notice by yourself how TinEye proceed :
test1 tineye        test2 tineye 

TinEye Limitations

  • File Type : JPEG, PNG and GIF
  • Dimensions : Works better with images that are at least 300 pixels in either dimension, but accept smaller images.
  • File Size : 20 Mb per file is the maximum 

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