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All social networking applications allow you to insert a small computer code inside your web pages to link your website to the community. That's a great opportunity to share your content and improve your website's traffic. 
Managing each module independentlly is very tedious and you always need to adapt desgin, shape and size to make them being uniform on your website.

Several existing tools can help you to manage all links to social networks, but AddThis have a number of advantages :
  • More than a hundred social networks links are referenced
  • Customizable list of favorite links to put forward
  • Numerous layouts are available to configure how links are displayed
  • Detailed usage statistics are available for consultation on their website.

You are free to choose which buttons you want to display and where you want them to be located : inside articles or on some specific areas of the website.
Nowadays you must take care of your website reputation. That kind of shortcuts to standard social network "actions" will helps you to make your content visible and facilitate information sharing !
Here are some examples of layout to display AddThis links :

You can also customize icons used for each social network if needed.

"Analytics" function is free and easy to use. You will be able to follow numerous statistics related to the number of shares, information about the visitor (browser type, origin) ... In short, quite useful to check if your content is shared and the number of people following this link to access your website. 
In cases you are using a CMS like Joomla or Drupal to publish you website, AddThis offers to you some native dedicated components / modules you can add effortlessly to your articles or menus. 

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